The beginning and the end of March Madness So Far…

1979 – State 1980 – Louisville 1981 – Indiana 1982 – UNC 1983 – NC State 1984 – Georgetown 1985 – Villanova 1986 – Louisville 1987 – Indiana 1988 – Kansas 1989 –… Continue reading

From Canada, thank you Coach Dean!

I think one of the great things in life is to bring the best out of people. The setting in which our national sports are in now are full of immediate gains where people are as good as the commodity their shoes are worth. Dean Smith is really a hero, he is Carolina.

Arsenal, all messed up, and missing the mark

London, UK – The article, It’s Official:  Arsenal are the most frustrating club in the world to support by ESPNFC’s Iain Macintosh was controversial but well intended.  Macintosh was candid about the lack… Continue reading

Yankees Red Sox

Fenway, MA – The game was utterly meaningless in terms of playoff standings. 3 more games left in the season and both the Yankees and Red Sox are well out of contention. But… Continue reading

Say no to Hockey in the Summer Months!

Say no to hockey on Canadian media during summer months! Now where were we? Surfing USA?

The end of Spain, and the end of Barca

  Sevilla, Espana – When Fernando Torres scored against Germany in 2008 to help Espana hoist her first International trophy at the Euro,  he did not know he was forging a new football… Continue reading

Love the World Cup

    Rio, Brasil – Game is ON!  The most anticipated event of 2014?  Without a doubt will be the day to day events of the World Cup.  It is beyond the joy… Continue reading

Annual March Madness Predictions – 2014

Chapel Hill, NC – It’s that time of the year again!  All the craziness wrapped in one fine three week long excursion into the sport on TV on an annual basis.  You know… Continue reading


  Sochi, Russia – The clarity of a glistening sheet of ice, the purity of the white snow covering the tapestry of the mountains, the sheer speed of humanity taking on an unified… Continue reading

Olympics – It is All Slopestyle

Sochi, Russia – Elegant, innovative, crazily stretching the laws of physics, so when is he going to land?