European History Leading Up to WWI

Owens Breaks Record

Sarajevo, Bosnia – Every once in a while, sports takes a back seat to life.  That was the case in 1914, when war broke out after Duke Franz Ferdinand was shot in Sarajevo.  Strangely, the 1916 Olympics was to be played in Berlin, that did not happen.  Even more astonishingly, WWII involved the Axis and Olympics as well: the famous Berlin Summer Games in 1936 with Jesse Owens, 1940 in Tokyo Japan (cancelled).  What coincidence.

History is of course beyond any significance of sport, its course often tragic, but to many, fascinating.  But there are many poignant symbolism in sport that has defined society such as Jackie Robinson, Billy Jean King, and of course, Jesse Owens proving that anyone, no matter what color, sex, creed, ethnicity can achieve and excel.  

The attached (EuropeanHistory) is meant to be purely as a history lesson, a fascinating look at the European historical context leading up to WWI.