Arsenal Will Win Trophies This Year.


North London, UK  –  Did you see the new kids in town?  Yes, the chronic underachievers at the New Highbury, they have a new strut, and it’s got one fine skip and hop! 

The last time was 2005, a FA Cup victory over Man U on Penalties.  No trophies in sight for the Gunners of Arsenal for eight years.  Eternity for a team that has won 13 domestic trophies and 10 FA Cups. 

It took one player.  Sure, Arsenal looked to have things turned around even after game 2 this year, but it has been all Mesut Ozil since.  Magic splashed on the pitch every game.  Tottenham, Sunderland, Marseille, Stoke, Wigan, Swansea, and Napoli.  Cumulative score: 14-5.

Fluidity and imagination.

Two key words, and it took one man to infuse them into the team.  Ozil has shown football supporters why it is refrained, the “Beautiful” Game.  The idea is simple, keep the flow of the game, don’t stop.  The result is an uninterrupted work, likened to a gifted artist in front of his/her canvas, committed to creating and re-creating with no breaks.  You see, basketball, hockey, and the NFL are great sports, but the timeouts and commercials breaks take the creativity out of the game.  Every 5-10 minutes, a coach can retool the team and dictate tactics.  In football (soccer), the players dictate the tempo, adjust to the crazy dynamic changes on the football pitch, adapt to emotions, create and re-create.  In the case of the EPL and La Liga, Ozil and Messi are second to none.

“Beautiful” is then not trite , but descriptive and definitive.  We get to watch the working canvas is in front of us for 90 minutes, no more, no less.

Fluidity and imagination = Ozil.  To see what Ozil has done for the team, one has to just compare Arsenal’s records from previous years.  2013-14: 10-0-1, 2012-2013: 6-3-1, 2011-2012: 5-2-4.  With the pending return of Poldolski and Carzola, there is a positive outlook.  Champion’s League is too high of a calling, how about it Gunners, FA Cup? EPL Cup?