Sochi, Russia – The clarity of a glistening sheet of ice, the purity of the white snow covering the tapestry of the mountains, the sheer speed of humanity taking on an unified challenge… it’s Winter.  The Winter Olympics have always captured the imagination of spectators.  From going down a mountain at 100mph – on skis or head first on a piece of metal, to jumping off a halfpipe whilst spinning 4-5 times in the air (and doing it again!), the Olympics represent what is incredible about sport. 

For some unusual reason, I have often been taken by the Cross Country Skiing events.  It demonstrates winter in its purest sense.  A course traversing through nature, man moving on skis in the most primitive of transportation norms, it is the only sport which one can see the athlete’s breath with every stride.  The energy transpiring from cheering fans jumping inches from the athletes bringing exuberant synergy to the event… it is the Olympics in its rawest yet most gripping of forms.  It is the same reason why the Europeans love watching cycling, it requires patience.  The viewer, not inundated by Coke commercials or overpaid announcers, gets to appreciate the art and the force of sport.  Then they cross the finish line, spent, motionless, many lying on the snow, their last drop of energy put across the line.  

The Olympics are just that, a human experience like no other, a peaceful gathering of man to look another world citizen in the eye and say, “Hi, nice to meet you.  Wow, you play that sport too!  Want to race?”,  “We will do coffee later”.  It is a simple gesture, but it ultimately shows that we are people who love to do our best, to be together, to learn from others, and to inspire others to do the same, whether it is in sport or in life.  Life is worth it, so are these “Games”.