Annual March Madness Predictions – 2014


Chapel Hill, NC – It’s that time of the year again All the craziness wrapped in one fine three week long

excursion into the sport on TV on an annual basis.  You know the feeling, you wake up on that Thursday

every year.  You are buzzing with energy, it is all ready to explode with excitement.  IPad in hand (or paper

format if old school), trying to do more bracket matching than bracket crossing. Let’s Go!


St. Louis has not been playing well of late, and will likely lose the typified 12 vs. 5 upset game against NC State.

#10 BYU can easily beat #7 Oregon, these are very evenly matched teams, flip the coin and go with BYU.

#6 UMass will have a tough time against the streaking #11 Vols, coming off their win tonight against a formidable Iowa team.  I am picking the Vols. 

Up Top: 

Everybody is picking the safe picks locked at #4 with Louisville and MSU.  Perennial favorites.  Watch out for all the #2 seeds, Kansas, Wisconsin, Villanova, Michigan.  These teams must be the least respected #2 seeds in years.  Do not be surprised if one of them loses in the first round, but also don’t be surprised if at least 2 of them are in the Final Four.

Syracuse is the #3 seed that everyone needs to be careful.  They were consensus #1 one month ago.  If they get it together, it is goodbye to the field, they can win it all!  Do not be surprised.


Florida beats MSU; Louisville beats Arizona.

Florida beats Louisville.

Not a popular match up at the end, but who needs MSU in there anyways?  Florida is strong all around, a comprehensive team that should fare well against the likes of peaked Syracuse and unpredictable Kansas.  A boring choice, but will do this year with all the parody.