Say no to Hockey in the Summer Months!




Toronto, ON – They call it the dog days of summer. No one is in the Big Smoke, everyone at the cottage, diving into Lake Muskoka, having some choice brews, and lavishing in the eternal sun.  The Canadian summer after the long hard winter.  I cautiously turn on sports radio, because even the Beach Boys have a time limit, and I thought I had 5 days too many.  The testosterone high sounding Boys of sports radio are back at it again, hockey talk!  Wow, I shriek, I retreat, and turn the Beach Boys back on tap.

This post has been 10 years in the making.  It is 10 years too late.  Why are we still talking hockey?  Give it a break!!!  It is more and more apparent that there is big bucks in hockey in the Canadian sporting platform, but some things are better left unsaid.  Perhaps heady Canadians can stand a bit of World Cup infusion during the last two months, perhaps Mr. Hockeyhead can wrap his head around a baseball, heaven forbid tennis or golf.  Yes, they are called summer sports, and hockey is not one of them. 

I strongly believe we are what we read and hear.  For me, it is pretty clear what came first, chicken or the egg.  We suck up information and become what media wants us to be, and then we buy more and more of it.  I would like to challenge Canadian sports radio, TSN and SPORTSNET to consciously consider the proposition to expose their viewers to more sports, up front.  By that I mean, I do not want to hear about the Canadian Junior training camp before the Roger’s Cup tennis tournament and the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

Say no to hockey on Canadian media during summer months!  Now where were we?  Surfing USA… even that is more appropriate.