Yankees Red Sox


Fenway, MA – The game was utterly meaningless in terms of playoff standings. 3 more games left in the season and both the Yankees and Red Sox are well out of contention. But there is nothing like seeing a man wearing #7 in pinstripes standing next to another man wearing a #9 Ted Williams jersey, this all in the confines of Fenway Park. The beauty of the layout and stillness of the grass add so many layers to the imagery to what I am looking at. It does not get much better than this even though the game does not matter and there is really only 3-4 guys on both lineups I recognize. In fact, it does not seem like many people in the park really cares about what these minor leaguers are doing on the field.


We still love it! It is Yankees vs. Red Sox at Fenway!


The stories have been told too well and too often. Bucky Dent, Aaron Boone, the Babe, David Ortiz and David Ortiz again and again. The hate, the envy, the respect, and 30 WS titles between them. In many people’s minds, topped off by the most incredible baseball series ever in 2004.


When these minor leaguers play this century old game, they are embodying that history, the legends, the moments. They are as much part of the rivalry as those who came before them. Half of them will star in this same field 5 years from now and they too may become the next Derek Jeter or Dustin Pedroia. Go Red Sox, and oh yeah at times the Yanks too (if you sign more great guys like #2).