Arsenal, all messed up, and missing the mark


Casually missing the mark.

London, UK – The article, It’s Official:  Arsenal are the most frustrating club in the world to support by ESPNFC’s Iain Macintosh was controversial but well intended.  Macintosh was candid about the lack of quality and the underachieving attitude of the club.  Having potential for so much more, the club has succumbed instead for less.  Much discussion spurned out as a result of the article.  Some thought the article to be too harsh and argued that the standard and achievements of Arsenal in the past decade to be “about right” considering the competition’s spending habits.

The idea is not to simply match spending with results.  If that was the formula then Real Madrid and the New York Yankees would be winning every cup ever existed.  Furthermore, the acceptability of finishing 3rd or 4th every year is rather difficult standard.  I can use the argument for Giroud… “an absolute steal”.  Well, what about the players that have not reached their potential?  Because the likes of Chelsea and City match their potential.  Are you telling me Podolski had less potential than Dzeko when he was first signed to Arsenal?  Ozil’s contribution and now his “value” is dropping faster than the temperature in Siberia.  
One thing that we have not discussed is the injury burden the team had suffered.  That to me is a great concern.  Arsenal can be a great team.  Be it underachieving or excessive injuries, finishing 3 or 4 for (except #2 in 2005) is a point of discussion for sure.  Going beyond one’s spending potential is not an unimaginable thing (in life and in sport).  Please do not let mediocrity be the basis of judgment.