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European History Leading Up to WWI

Sarajevo, Bosnia – Every once in a while, sports takes a back seat to life.  That was the case in 1914, when war broke out after Duke Franz Ferdinand was shot in Sarajevo. … Continue reading

All Time Best NFL and Other Sporting Moments

    NFL: Super Bowl Jan 22, 1989 — Montana to Taylor The 49ers were the best team of the 80s, hands down, Montana, the best quarterback to ever played the game.  4… Continue reading


TOP TEN SPORT MOMENTS OF 2012 It’s been a great year, from the Super Bowl Playoffs traversing through to the Euro and Olympics, we are back to the NFL Playoffs and a chance… Continue reading

Nash, Kobe, Dwight Howard and the rest of the NBA 2012 2013 Preview

Los Angeles, CA – OK, so last year was the luck of the Heat.  The unholy tri got their prize, in a lukewarm Final that did not live to expectations.  This year will.… Continue reading

Sport Playoff Futility

Professional Teams Playoff Droughts LEAGUE YEARS Washington Nationals MLB 30 Kansas City Royals MLB 26 Pittsburgh Pirates MLB 19 TORONTO BLUE JAYS MLB 18 Baltimore Orioles MLB 14 BUFFALO BILLS NFL 12 Seattle… Continue reading

List of Champions in Sports (# List of Sport Champions) (#List of Champions in All Sports)

MLB Champ League NBA NFL NHL NCAA Basket. NCAA Foot. 84 Tigers LIVPL Celts LA Raiders Edmonton Georget. Miami 85 Royals Juven. LAL SF Edmonton Villano. BYU 86 Mets Steaua Bucure Celts Chicago… Continue reading

Why We Just Can’t Like Miami Heat

Boston, MA – Ok,ok, so Lebron showed the world that he can still dominate games.  His 45 pt. performance was over the top.  The Celtics are now at the brink. Playing an away… Continue reading

2011 Sports – The Year in Review

Vancouver, BC – For this sportblogger, fan of sports big and small (yes, I even like Ping Pong; this was an incredible year!  No other year has featured as many of my teams… Continue reading

NCAA Basketball vs. NBA

Miami, FL – ESPN posted a blog querying which basketball league has superior entertainment value.  A few posts suggested that the reason NCAA basketball is even remotely watchable is because of the format… Continue reading

Rose is better than Lebron – How the East is Won

Ok, Boston was weak, too many characters, too little force, kind of like an animal farm of sorts. Really hoping Rose can manhandle the Heat.  To be fair, I am very surprised at… Continue reading