Packers Playoff Plans

Chicago Il. – The Packers’ road to the playoffs has seen more treacherous than usual.  The one tie against the Vikings turned out to be the key.  The three 4th Down Conversions on… Continue reading

Red Sox World Series Win is 95 Years Coming

Boston, MA – Babe and Williams are smiling.  Memories from 1918 is what the Babe is thinking about.  That was the last time Boston celebrated a World Series at home.  9 years ago… Continue reading

Arsenal Will Win Trophies This Year.

North London, UK  –  Did you see the new kids in town?  Yes, the chronic underachievers at the New Highbury, they have a new strut, and it’s got one fine skip and hop! … Continue reading

NFL Quarterbacks and the SEC – Russell Wilson vs. Tim Tebow

  Seattle, Washington – The SEC, a long way from the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  The SEC is the winner of SEVEN, count them, SEVEN straight BCS Bowl Championship Games. The argument that College… Continue reading

Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb

Cooperstown, NY – In 1936, the first five inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame in order of ballots were Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson.  A stellar… Continue reading

Brazil to Win the World Cup in 2014

Rio, Brasil – So these guys won another international trophy.  The first one since Copa America in 2007.  That is a long time waiting for a team like Brasil.  The Confederations Cup 2013… Continue reading

Why was Jackie Robinson so Great?

Brooklyn, NY – #42, forever in folklore.  He is legendary in a manner that few sports figures in America can compare to.  There is no other sport where once a year every player… Continue reading

2013 March Madness Final Four – Potential Upsets

New York, NY – The craziness is about to begin again.  The hype, the upsets, the likes of George Mason of the past, the Saint Marys of the now.  The unlikely ranking of… Continue reading

Barcelona- Still the Best, Arsenal – Take a Rest.

Barcelona, Munchen, Europe – The past couple days confirmed what we already know.  Arsenal, with its recent austerity measures will not move on in the UCL and will likely finish 5th in a… Continue reading

European History Leading Up to WWI

Sarajevo, Bosnia – Every once in a while, sports takes a back seat to life.  That was the case in 1914, when war broke out after Duke Franz Ferdinand was shot in Sarajevo. … Continue reading