Yankees Dodgers Rivalry and the 1955 World Series– The Best of Times in Baseball

Brooklyn, NY – Wait til next year – Dem Bums! The Brooklyn Dodgers won the pennant for the eighth time in 1955.  The previous seven times losing in the World Series, having lost… Continue reading

List of Champions in Sports (# List of Sport Champions) (#List of Champions in All Sports)

MLB Champ League NBA NFL NHL NCAA Basket. NCAA Foot. 84 Tigers LIVPL Celts LA Raiders Edmonton Georget. Miami 85 Royals Juven. LAL SF Edmonton Villano. BYU 86 Mets Steaua Bucure Celts Chicago… Continue reading

Euro Knockout Stage. It’s judgement time.

Kiev, Ukraine – It’s been an exciting Euro with all four groups finding their resolve on the last day.  Greece, England, and the Dutch finding themselves the most surprised.  Here is a look… Continue reading

Why We Just Can’t Like Miami Heat

Boston, MA – Ok,ok, so Lebron showed the world that he can still dominate games.  His 45 pt. performance was over the top.  The Celtics are now at the brink. Playing an away… Continue reading

Euro Preview Review

Warsaw, Poland – With one day left before the biggest sports tournament this year, here’s a good look. Pool A:  Home teams often do well, but Poland is not really set for a… Continue reading

Man City Topple United – One for the ages, sadly

Manchester, UK – This writer shed a tear after the game.  Not because the writer reveled in one of the most captivating 5 minutes in sport this decade, previous posts have clearly showed… Continue reading

La Liga is Better than Premiership League

Barcelona, Catalonia – In the English speaking world, there has been an assumption for decades that top flight English football is next to none.  The likes of Beckham, C. Ronaldo, Rooney, Henry, Ballack,… Continue reading

Why We Hate Man City

Soccer_world – I often think back why I love sport, and revel in the joy I get from watching teams playing a simple yet tantalizing game on the pitch capturing the imagination of… Continue reading

After Pele and Maradona – Messi the best ever!

Barcelona, Spain – Messi just tied the all time scoring record for Barca.  At 24, he is poised to become not only the best player to grace the pitch in Catalan, but also… Continue reading

Potential Upsets in Final Four

The Brackets are out!  Start filling them in… but don’t just go by the rankings, they are known to be non-determinate. I think out of all the #1 seeds, MSU is most vulnerable. … Continue reading