Podolski to Save Arsenal

London, UK – Let’s hope this is true, Podoski to Arsenal!  The leading scorer for Koln this season has caught the eye of the slick French manager in London.  This is the first… Continue reading

Is Carolina Scared of Duke?

  Durham, NC – Today is Christmas for basketball fans.  There is the Super Bowl, World Series, and Champions League Final, but there is only one Duke vs. North Carolina – at Cameron. … Continue reading

Tebow Power

Do U believe the hype? Denver, CO – I don’t suppose Denver is the most religious city.  Nestled high in the mountains, the site of the most recent Democratic Converntion, lots of ski… Continue reading

2011 Sports – The Year in Review

Vancouver, BC – For this sportblogger, fan of sports big and small (yes, I even like Ping Pong; this was an incredible year!  No other year has featured as many of my teams… Continue reading

The NFL Giant Machine

Seattle, WA – The  NFL.  Mighty, rich, unbreakable, the truest American business, on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.  It is hard to imagine the first Super Bowl was only 44 years ago.  By its 20th… Continue reading

What is wrong with the BCS? Does it need a fix?

Ann Arbor, MI – College football is about rivalries.  We just finished the rivalry weekend with the likes of the Civil War – Oregon vs Oregon State, the Iron Bowl – Auburn vs… Continue reading

The Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played – Game 6, 2011

’86 red sox ’93 jays – joe carter ’04 red sox vs. yankees – game 4 and 5 ’01 yankees vs. arizona – game 4, 5, 7 ’91 Twins Braves – so I’ve… Continue reading

Sabermetrics – Moneyball

Oakland, CA – The weekend boxoffice hit, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt was a captivating flick.  It was a movie not full of archetypical Hollywood stunts, no predictable emotional rollercoaster ride, and no happy… Continue reading

A Night to Remember at the Big House!

WoW! WOw! wOW!  With all the different ways to write this thing, I have to say that was one of the greatest games I have ever ever seen! There was 1986 Sox collapse.… Continue reading

Why we love baseball

mesmorizingly interesting?  Is it simply self-fulfilling interest?  An interest promoted by itself?  Of its own love for statistics, of history, of its love for simplicity? For most onlookers, the game seems dull and… Continue reading