Rose is better than Lebron – How the East is Won

Ok, Boston was weak, too many characters, too little force, kind of like an animal farm of sorts. Really hoping Rose can manhandle the Heat.  To be fair, I am very surprised at… Continue reading

Canucks Beat Blackhawks! In Seven!

It is true, there are few shining moments in Vancouver sports history.  ESPN in 2004 rated Vancouver one of the worse cities for sports in North America thanks in large part to the… Continue reading

More than Half Way There!

Two games down, two to go!  A 2-0 series lead generally means the story has been well written, more than half there! We will wait for the second round to start in 10… Continue reading

Canucks Hawks – Part 5

Vancouver, B.C. – Part 5?  What the?  Don’t forget 1982 Conference Finals – for the ‘Nucks and the forgettable 1995 2nd Round where the Canucks played the last game ever at the Pacific… Continue reading

Butler, Villanova and Jimmy V

The Bulldogs of Butler accomplished something that will stand in history.  Ranked #5 and #8 in consecutive years, losing in the National Title Game both times.  The closest they got was literally 2… Continue reading

Lebron, Wade, Bosh

Miami, USA – I know, I know, there have been great triumvrates in sports.  Whether it was Magic/Jabbar/Worthy, Gretzky/Messier/Kurri, Francis/Lemieux/Jagr or Montana/Craig/Rice, the list does go on.  But the Heat unholy triumvrate?  I… Continue reading

Why the Canucks Will Not Win the Stanley Cup!

VANCOUVER – ‘ Wait til next year ‘… a similar phrase uttered by the famous Brooklyn Dodgers hopefuls the 6 years they lost to the Bronx Bombers in the World Series in the… Continue reading

Duke North Carolina Rivalry Explained

Chapel Hill, N.C. – There really are only two games in the college basketball calendar.  Duke/UNC at Dean Dome and UNC/Duke at Cameron.  No other game involves the same degree of passion and… Continue reading

NHL Headshots

New York, N.Y.  –  The writing is on the wall. And the NHL is not reading it.  It is like Rome not hearing the beating drums of its fall.  When any organization does… Continue reading