Vancouver, B.C. – First half action at Empire Statdium (March 19, 2011,  Juggling Juggernaunt Images).   Advertisements

Gunners Collapse

I am going to say this once and for all.  Since 2004, I have not had a good time as an Arsenal fan.   The 2005 FA Cup was nice, but ever since the… Continue reading

Hello world!

This is a start.  A Grand start of sort.  The sunlight shines in our dynamic world full of luster. We get excited over days like this, one of hope, one where we see… Continue reading

2010 Duke Butler – The Game!

Indianapolis, Indiana – Enough said, probably one of the most incredible finishes ever.  It is interesting, the real real underdogs, whether it be NHL (Hurricanes in ’02, Panthers in ’96, Canucks in ’94),… Continue reading

March Mo Mad

Look for the upset with VCU and Georgetown. Georgetown has not been playing well of late. This holds true for Villanova as well, they are the only team to enter the dance in… Continue reading